February 25th 2010

Hello everyone. Well it's certainly turning into a long cold winter this year! I don't know about you but I'm ready to see the beginning of Spring now and some warmer sunnier weather!

So what's happening with me....To date I have completed my first commissioned canvas of this year. A Humpty Dumpty canvas for a baby boy born just after Christmas.

My second Humpty canvas

I have also just been commissioned to paint my second disney character canvas. This is for a baby that is due in August.

And in a few months I am, all being well, beginning A KIDzROOMz job. This is to decorate a nursery for a baby who is due in October.

8th March 2010

Well it actually seems like Spring is finally on its way. And with it I have been commissioned to paint two more canvases.

The first is a Maisy Mouse canvas for a little girl who will soon be 1 years old. The second is a Star Wars canvas for a young boy.

Please see my Canvas Gallery for pictures of my work to date.

Kind regards

7th June 2010

Well summer seems to have come and gone! It was lovely to have a few hot, sunny days though. Lets hope there's some more just around the corner.

So whats new with me?

Betty Boop

I completed the Maisy Mousse canvas. Along with a Betty Boop canvas I was commissioned to paint - pictures in the Canvas Gallery.

I have just been commissioned to paint a Peppa Pig canvas and another Star Wars canvas. So with the Disney canvas I also have to complete I currently have four commissions on the go. Not that I'm complaining :-)

Kind regards

Saturday 10th July

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunny weather.

Just a quick update. I have just completed a fabulous Star Wars canvas which, to date, has been my favourite to paint. Pictures in my Canvas Gallery.

I have started my second large Star Wars canvas and I am about to start the Disney character canvas.
I have also just been commissioned to paint an army themed canvas for a young boy.

Kind regards

20th September 2010

Autumn is here! I hope you have all had a lovely summer.

So here goes! Over the summer I completed a large Star Wars canvas, a Disney character canvas and an army theme canvas.

I have just been commissioned to paint a more unusual canvas. I am to paint Disney characters but do portraits of my clients four children. This is certainly a change for me.

I have a KIDzROOMz job coming up next month for a baby that is due in February.

Kind regards

12 weeks till Christmas! Blimey this year is going quickly! I hope you are all well.

Work wise I am in the middle of the canvas with the four children in it.

Next week I start a KIDzROOMz job. This is to decorate a bedroom for a 16 month old boy and then paint Thomas the Tank Engine onto his walls. After that I am do begin another KIDzROOMz job. This time a nursery for a baby due in February. Theme to be confirmed.

Kind regards

21st November 2010

Well not long until Christmas now! An exciting time AND a busy one for me!

I have completed the Thomas The Tank Engine bedroom - main pictures in my KIDzROOMz Gallery.

I am now decorating a nursery bedroom for a baby who is due in February. I designed a Teddy Bear for it and have put the teddy bear in various outfits. This has made the nursery truly original.

I am also to complete four canvases as Christmas gifts.

Kind regards

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