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About me

I do not have many memories of my childhood where my artistic passion is not part of them. Wherever I travelled or visited my sketchbook and pencils enjoyed the journey with me. Having the ability to become lost in a cosmos of creativity enabled me to see the world as a magical place.

I studied art at A 'level but I was unsure where I wanted to take my creativity and I took a job in administration.

Once my children were born, I decided to paint murals in their bedrooms. To this day, I love the texture and fluidity of emulsion paint. I started taking commissions for murals. During this time, I was asked to paint a set of canvases for a baby’s nursery. It was then that I found my passion for water soluble oil paints. I realised how precious it was to bring an image to life on canvas; this was when I concluded my doubt of not being sure where I wanted to take my art.

I have a true love and empathy for bringing animals to life in a painting. I always think it is such a privilege to be commissioned to paint someone’s beloved pet. I have produced floral art for many galleries and gift shops over the last decade, receiving beautiful compliments along the way. I paint landscapes and seascapes, focusing on Devon and Cornwall. I also enjoy creating abstract art.

Recently I have been practising using watercolours and you can view my work on here!

I always welcome commissions. I find each commission to be a different experience. I’m certainly kept on my toes!

If you wish to discuss a commission, please contact me…